It has been a great few days over these Thanksgiving holidays. I have played in my studio a lot and have gotten far on many projects. We are going to insulate the roof-it’s a converted two car garage-non insulated. This means I must relocate all the supplies from the rafters to other parts of the studio. Gives me the chance to reorganize, cull and rethink what direction I want the studio to go. But it’s also a lot of work.

Thank you Dena for the glass donation. She was kind enough to give dreamtyme studio her left over glass from some stained glass projects she was finished with. I have the tumbler going now and look forward to using the glass in some mosaic projects with the 21st Century Learning Center Afterschool program in Toledo, OR. in the winter session. This is a good way to get bits of glass for mosaic projects. Just locate folks who are doing stained glass and they are usually very happy to be rid of all those little bits of left overs. See posting on the subject of the mosaic glass project.

I have progressed quite far with this project and have photos to prove it. It’s been fun picking out the fabrics and tweaking the pattern a bit. I saw a chicken at the chicken show that looked just like these chickens. Batik fabrics, you have to love them. All of these fabrics are scraps of batiks. The wall quilt will be about 36″x36″ finished.

Here I have a photo of the pieces pinned to the background. There were many little bits to keep track of.


This is the wall quilt after I ironed all the bits and pieces to the background fabric. I sewed small white beads for the eyes and attached them with a french knot in black. Will show closeup later.


The next step will be putting on the borders and basting the layers together. I will use the MicroStitch tool for this small project. If it was a larger quilt I would use QuilTak to baste the piece. The MicroStitch tool has a slightly finer needle and very short fine taks to hold the layers together while I machine quilt it. More to come,,, Bari



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