So today was a wonderful day for an early morning walk. I think I have mentioned that I live in Oregon, acutally along the Central Oregon Coast, just up from the beach. Mushrooms grow well in Oregon, I would assume it has a lot to do with the amount of moisture we get here. We have a town just south of here called Yachats that is known for it’s Mushroom Festival every year. At our local farmers markets, one can get any number of different varietes of mushrooms for eating. I am pretty sure this one isn’t meant to be eaten,, but I just don’t know much about them other than they make me smile when I see them. So this morning I took several photos of different sorts to share with you. Maybe they will make you smile also. The top photo reminds me of fairy tale pictures in books that were read to me as a child.

This next photo is the same type “shroom” only a little older. They don’t last long around here as the birds and critters like their taste. And then there is the rain that comes often to our neighborhood that tends to “melt” them.
Here is a happy little group of caps. Pretty sure the homeowner is not happy at their existance, but hey, they made me smile, maybe that was their job for today.
And here is my last photo with several different sorts. I just love looking at nature and the way things are formed. If you look close at these different mushrooms, they are all so different, yet similar and perfect in their own selves. I get a lot of inspiration out of nature, the forms, the colors and variety and the constant changing of our natural elements.
I am not a very experienced photographer, so I hope you will enjoy these photos knowing it is a really big deal for me to have learned how to share these photos with you in this format. What a wonderful time and space we live in these days to enjoy all this changing information and be able to implement the information in so many ways. Smiles,,, Bari
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