Last year, our studio group got together at Dorian’s home and had a potluck. We are truly good cooks and Jeff even BBQ ed up some of his famous tasty wings. We were in heaven. Then Dorian pulls out this little bottle of Blackberry Liqueur that her son’s in laws had made for them. So nice of her to share. We fell in love. Turns out Gale and I have many, I say many kinds of berries just in our back yard. We have blueberries, marrionberries, several kinds of raspberry, including autumn golds, strawberries, blackberries, black caps and boysenberries. We have to schedule friends to come pick the berries so they won’t go to waste. And we always pick them and freeze them, but end up with so much, we give the frozen berries away to friends and family. Not this year. We have found a solution to the problem and that would be making Berry Medley Cordial/Liqueur.
We started a test batch last summer, Yummy. So we made a 4x batch and just bottled it the other day. This will be Xmas tokens to a few friends. We have alot of berries still in the freezer, so we are now starting up our next batch. It takes about 3 months to do a good job of letting it ferment and the flavors to blend. This stuff is pretty snacky, although very potent, definitely a sipping situation. Hope to have a batch or two done for the McLean/Cotten family reunion in June down in the Bay Area.
Our main concern was whether we could use berries that had been frozen, sure enough, it works great.
The sun is peaking from the east and is showing off with a wonderful pink eastern sky for our sunrise. It’s been a while since I have seen this view while playing on the computer. The garden calls. (really posted 12-30-08 6am) Grins
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