I did a post not long ago about the mushrooms in our neighborhood. This little guy being one of my favorites. He popped up in our yard before the big cold spell came along and I shot several photos of him as his life’s journey progressed. He starts out very compact and red with spots, but over the next several days he grows in width–to be about 7″ across and shows his underside. It was such a treat to have one show up close so I could watch him.

My son Aaron, who has set this blog up for me, asked the other day if, wouldn’t it be cool to set up a blog for “granny”? Granny was my mom who at 88 decided she had had enough fun in this life and needed to get on with her next adventure. I can’t even express how much she was loved. Her life was simple and all about family and loving unconditionally. She had 5 children who went on to give her 17 or 18 grandchildren and they went on to give her several great grandchilden and one of them had a great, great grandchild on the same day she had her heart attack and stroke. Granny got to meet this new addition and it was a very special moment for all of us. Her children were given enough time to arrive from other states, and counties, and be with her while she finished up saying her goodbyes to those who loved her so much.

Aaron has set up a blog about her life and decendents. It has been a healing process to view the comments, photos and posts that the family is sharing and to reflect on all that she started all those years ago when she fell in love with, and married my dad. This is a way that the younger generations can really get to know who she was as a child through grannyhood. Thanks Aaron, what a sweet man you are to have thought of such a thing. Still grinning, mom

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