I do love the stories of entreprenues and how they come up with an idea and follow it through. One such friend has come up with a fun idea and a great last minute treat for Christmas or really any time. She is a young mother who started making these treats for her son’s kindergarten class a couple of years ago and then started taking them to adult parties where folks thought the idea was novel, not to mention delicious and there was born http://www.pretzelperfection.com/ . And there it starts, the research and development, the lifeblood of all small businesses. The thrill and excitement of this process leads us in directions we would never think to go. Always tweaking the product or finding new resources to bring down that bottom line. Listening to all around you, sifting the great ideas from the far fetched. It’s rewarding to be in business for yourself and nice to have so much control over your schedule.
I have tried these treats and they are YUM! Let me know what you think.
It is very cold here in Oregon today and for most of the next week. Unusual weather for here, we even had snow yesterday and school was cancelled for both days. Right now it is crisp and around 25 degrees with the sun shining. This feels very cold to me, but after all I have lived in Montana and Alaska, so in perspective, it’s very warm. The birds are enjoying themselves and the cats are enjoying watching the birds (behind glass of course). Staying warm here at the Central Oregon Coast,, Bari
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