It has been a very busy several days around the dreamtyme studio. We have finished another fifth of the ceiling and only have 3 more fifths to go. The problem with insulating all at once is that we would have to empty the studio first. So we moved many things out of their places to get the insulation in. It will really help this winter–if you can call Oregon weather winter, to have the extra bulk in the ceiling.

It also meant we were able to scrape old paint off the windows and wash them. We are going for the shabby chic look in the studio–anything goes. It is giving me the chance to really go through stuff and reorganize and clear out things not being used.

I am including some before and after photos of the stained glass mosaic projects that I created for the eclectic artz sale this weekend. A few are a bit fuzzy, but I think you can get the general idea. These are inexpensive 5×7 and 8×10 frames, hung with eye hooks and chain.
The before photos here, were on my earlier blog

This has truly been a fun project to work on and it is always nice when they are completed. When the sun comes through they look magical.

Today is a day to play in the studio,, see what we can rustle up. So many colors and so many mediums to choose from. I will keep you posted. Bari

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