A few days ago I was writing about creative energy and the wish I had that it would continue to be part of my life all day long for many days in a row. I have to say that it is still there and I am totally enjoying it’s presense. http://baripatch.com/2008/11/creative-energy.html See the previous post on creative energy and the stained glass mosaic projects.
We had a beautiful, warm day at the Oregon Coast yesterday which allowed me to “play” in the yard. I had the kiln going in the studio and I try not to be in there when it’s running. So I “fluffed” the breezeway and potted up baby seedling trees for sister Sammi’s new property in Culver, Oregon. It was nice to clean up a bit around our back door and breezeway/studio entrance.
It was also nice enough to finally take a few photos of the finished installed stained glass mosaic window above the door to the breezeway. This first photo is from the outside. The glass was glued with clear glue to a clear piece of glass the size of the the window opening, then grouted. We then framed the window in from both the outside and inside so it is “sandwiched between boards.
The second photo is of the inside. The design shows much better with the light behind it.
And the last photo is of the inside of the breezeway looking out through the glass door. I am very pleased with how it turned out. If I do it again, I would purchase thicker clear glass for my window base. We will need to reinforce this with caulking to make sure it doesn’t move in the high winds. All in all it was an easy project and enjoyable to create. And the best part of this project is that it is installed and can be enjoyed. I am looking around thinking up what else I can use this method on. I’ll keep you posted.
Today we will get further along on the insulation of the studio. I have had to be realistic and know that we need to do a little at a time. So we will do one roll of insulation at a time. Then we won’t have to store the left overs and the studio won’t be in such an uproar for longer than necessary. Bari
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