This is my most favorite oatmeal recipe. This is a variation of the recipe sister Sammi cooked up. When I was a kid, my dad would insist that we start our day with a bowl of hot “mush” like, Cream of Wheat, MaltoMeal, RomanMeal or some such gruel. My belly was never awake at that hour,, really not until around 10ish to this day. Coffee and lots of water in the am for me please. Here’s’ the magic recipe-I try to get my supplies from Trader Joe’s, they make the best food.

Heart-warming Oatmeal

Add 2 cups water in pan with lid.
Add small apple, peeled, cored and chunked up.
Bring to boil with lid on.
Add TJ orange flavored craisins-1/8 cup
Add TJ Jumbo Medley Raisins- 1/8 cup
Add 2 cups of TJ Country Choice organic Multi Grain Hot Cereal
This has Rye, Barley, Oats and Wheat.
Stir this mixture just till mixed, cover with lid and turn off the heat.
Let set on burner for 10 minutes.

A little brown sugar is very delicious on this cereal, as well as a bit of milk. Also very tasty with bits of pecans sprinkled on top.

You end up with a light and fluffy oatmeal cereal that is not mushy. Keeps well in the fridge for several days. Let me know how you enjoyed this after you try it. It’s a keeper.

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