Today I wanted to follow through on my promise to show photos on how the decoTak Buttoneer works and can save you time and money. I have an office stool that I just love. I have had it since Flagstaff-maybe 15 years or so. The padding has broken down and was uncomfortable to sit on. I love the stool because it has an up-down feature that makes it either dining table height or bar stool tall. It lives in the studio where I can use it at many different work surfaces, depending on what my project is. It’s great when working at the ironing board for an extended time. So the other day I decided to put a bit more padding in it and also change the look.

I first found a pillow that would work for the padding, then cut a piece of decorator fabric larger than what I needed. This piece of fabric is actually from a former project of covering the studio folding chairs. I redid those using this same technique and covered them with black and white button motif fabric. I knew I wanted to fold the fabric under about 2 inches to give the folded edge more strength when I attached the fabric with the decoTak Buttoneer to the existing cushion.

I then inserted the needle into the front of the existing chair cushion/new fabric to hold it in place and also in the back of the stool cushion. I then started inserting the nubs into the cushion/new fabric putting a nub about every 2 inches. After inserting several in the front and back, I stretched the fabric across the cushion from side to side and did the same method as the front and back. The way this tool works, is you insert the needle all the way into your project and then pull the trigger, holding it secure in the cloth. Then by pulling the trigger, a nub is released that has a larger nub on the front-where it will show and a sort of T shape that goes into the fabric and keeps the layers secure. Great for inserting the nubs into foam.

This stool is now a very fun and cushy place to hang out. I have noticed that students, family and friends gravitate to it now that it’s got it’s new look and comfort.

In the next blog I will show a closer photo of inserting the decoTak Buttoneer into the studio folding chairs.

The reason I said this tool would save you money, is that this stool was not made to be reupholstered. I didn’t have the option of taking the old cushion apart and starting new. So for me this was a great fix and also very quick and easy. The decoTak Buttoneer nubs come in rainbow colors and also black and white. So you can either choose to have the nubs be a part of the design and show or be less noticeable with the option of color blending. I am always happy to answer any questions,, just email me. grins,, bari

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