I know I have already written on this subject today,, but what can I say–I’m on a roll. Folks have been asking for demo photos on how to use this tool, so this is what I have and can share.

These chairs are the kind that usually go with a card table. They had some padding, but not nearly enough for my unpadded hind end. So I fetched up some used decorator pillows that were hanging about the studio and purchased some fun decorator fabric for the cushion coverings.
I chose to have the decoTak Buttoneer nubs be all but invisible for this project. They really blend with the button fabric. The nubs are about the size of the holes for the buttons on the fabric. If you enlarge these photos, you can see the detail of the nubs.

My most favorite thing when starting a new project is to see what I already have that can be re serviced into the new project–like these pillow forms.

I cut the fabric much larger than the chair top as I wanted to fold under the edge of the fabric to help make the insertion of the decoTak Buttoneer nubs more secure. I then started in the front, folding the fabric under about 2 inches and inserting the needle into the existing cushion to eject a nub by squeezing the scissor handle on the tool. After inserting a few nubs in front, I went to the back of the chair and pulled the fabric taunt across the cushions and inserted more nubs the same way as the front. When I had inserted several nubs to hold the front and back secure, I stretched the fabric across the sides of the chair, inserting nubs to hold it secure.
When I got to the corners, I wrapped it like I would a package,, easing the extra fabric along the sides a bit so it wouldn’t be too “bunchy” at any one point. Use plenty of nubs to make your project more secure.
Again, this was a very fast and easy project. This is the second time I have redone these chairs in the last year and a half. The first fabric is the one I redid the studio chair with in the former blog. It is so nice to have the capability of changing a look without the expense of taking it to an upholsterer. With this tool and the QuilTak and other decoTak tools, you are able to change your decorating schemes with very little time and money. All of the decoTak tools can be used in a similar way,, just mostly depending on your fabric weight.
I have a couple of other projects up my sleeve,, so I will keep you posted with photos and how to’s. grins, bari

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