I know we are all making new years resolutions, and I am all about making them fun so they will continue to be accomplished. So I have decided to make Fridays on Bari Patch to be tours of dreamtyme studio. There is so much to share that it will easily take us into spring to get the full concept of what this space is.

I am always enthralled visiting or reading about other’s studio spaces. I love my studio space and have made it what I wanted it to be, but also it has evolved and become what it has wanted to be, no mistake about it. How that happens is, when friends and relatives have art materials or funky stuff with no longer a need to have it in their lives, they think of my studio. Thus the eclectic mix of wonderful possibilities are melded. I go through periods thinking I should clear out and simplify the space, but when I go to do this, I ,am so overwhelmed, that I freeze up and go away. So, the studio and I have come to an understanding fairly recently, and that is, keep the studio so that the surfaces can be used, not all cluttered and put stuff away after finishing each project. This has been working for both of us.

So I would like to take you on a tour of the Studio over the next many Fridays. A little background would be helpful. When I purchased this place in 2004, I bought it because of the 2 car garage that I knew could be converted into a studio space. That is what happened on the weekend I moved in. Family members from all over the country arrived and helped create the “bones” of the place. I had acquired many doors and windows from the last place I had lived near Philadelphia, PA, due to the building needing updating. The windows in the front of the studio are from this old home, as well as the side windows.Photos will be shown later of the outside of the studio.

When I moved into the house, all of the boxes were put in the studio. (floor to ceiling) The first thing I wanted to do was to paint the cement floor. It was done in quarters. I moved all the boxes many times making space to paint. I rolled on purple floor paint-2 coats, then used large foam and rubber stamps with all colors of latex paint to “decorate” the floor. I will post a photo of the floor later. You can see glimpses of it in these photos. Right now it is cool in the studio, so I have throw rugs in many of the areas.

This table was purchased as an antique in philly. It was ugly brown and had 4 chairs. I painted it with kilz, then did a glaze technique with the purple in two shades of paint. I decoupaged the pages from a Patience Brewster calender http://www.patiencebrewster.com/storefront and some greeting cards I had received. It is just the funnest place to sit and do projects. This table is really the hub of the studio.
This studio has many areas of creation possibilities. Quilting/Sewing, Embellishment, Beading, Clay, Tiles, Mosaic, Rubber Stamping, Rubber Stamp Making, Stained Glass, Stained Glass Mosaic, Leaf Casting, Fimo Clay, Kiln, Several small libraries on each subject. Storage for Tools and Paints. It serves many purposes and all them them involve creativity.
I hope you have enjoyed this bit of a tour, more next week
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