It’s a little damp and dreary here at the Central Orygun Coast–but that’s OK. We have had a beautiful stretch of good weather and we need the rain to keep us the greenest state ever. Besides, the weeds will pop out of the ground so much easier tomorrow for Saturday chores.
I am going to share a few photos of odd bits of stuff in the studio today.
This is the stained glass area. It consists of a conference table with small buckets to hold bits of colored glass. When cleaned up a bit it has enough space on the surface to work on projects. I have a skirt around the table to hide the larger pieces of glass under the table and the grinder. The “walls” in the background are turn of the century doors from the Swarthmore house in Philli. They form a barrier between the studio space and a 4 foot place behind where storage happens.

These drawers are from a dresser that didn’t make the trip to Oregon. So the drawers were re serviced to provide much needed storage. They are up and out of the way and house things only needed occasionally.This area is our “water” station. There isn’t any plumbing in the studio, so we adopted this cart to hold the large bucket of water and spiket with a dishpan under it to catch the water as we wash our hands. It works really well and was so much less expensive than getting the studio plumbed.We had studio last night and had 6 of us in there working on all sorts of things. Debra was learning how to play with fimo and make faces with it. Katy was finishing up her mosaic flower pot by sealing it and she also helped Debra produce some good looking fimo faces. Sharon created a wonderful eye glass chain by using parts from one she didn’t like and used new colorful beads for a new cheerful chain. Dorian learned all about mitering corners on quilting projects and got very far sewing the binding on the wall quilt Debra had given her. Gale helped show Debra the “how to’s” of fimo and kept the conversation lively. I worked on the tent trailer curtains. Four down and four more to go. We all brought yummy food to share and tasty drinks were had by all. Thanks Debra for sharing your newly acquired stash.I tried a new salad recipe for studio that I liked quite well. It was created out of what I had on hand in the fridge and pantry. Open one can of Trader Joe’s canned chicken-drain (pour liquid into 4 little dishes for the kitties to enjoy–they come running when the can opener is operated)and dump in bowl. Add drained can of water chestnuts, one chopped up apple, two stalks of celery-diced, add a handful of Trader Joe’s orange flavored craisens, season, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. Serve on a bed of mixed greens. Yummy!The dreamtyme studio is truly a wonderful place to gather and create. I am thankful for it on a daily basis. Bari

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