More bits and pieces this week at dreamtyme studio.
This first photo is of the entrance to the studio. You come in through the breezeway and enter through the glass door. This door was installed by Brother-in-Law Bob, and “passed” along to me from nephew Jamey John. It replaced an ugly old metal solid door and makes all the difference for letting in light. Bob has helped with many projects in and around the studio. This summer we hope to put on a covered and enclosed sitting area in front of the studio to shelter us from the wind when we want to be outside. We will use the sun tuff for the roof and we have some recycled many pane windows that will work as the wind break. I have been collecting commercial tiles of all sorts, colors and sizes. I want to install a floor on the cement patio inside where this area will be. I will keep you posted with photos and progress.
This was going to be the last studio tour for a while, but there is just still so much more to share and many more projects to do that are interesting to post,, so we will keep going for now.
This area with the chair is cozy for sitting and either reading or doing hand work. Sometimes folks just sit and visit. It is located next to the main studio table.
The beading and embellishment area holds many fun and colorful items for creating. Boxes of beads, tins of wire and string and many sorts of tools for assembling items. The “curtain” that is above the table covers a window that was from the old Swarthmore home in Philly. The curtain is made up of left over blocks from other projects and pieces together to make a cover. Originally I made it to be a pillow scarf, but get more use out of it this way.
Today we are finishing the insulation in the studio ceiling. That will make such a difference in the coziness of the place. Friend Steve is helping, along with Gale and little bair.
Must go for now and rearrange the stuff in the rafters for insulating. Grins, Bari
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