Well I have to say that Fridays fly by these days without a blog built.  But handily for me there is always Saturday early mornings catch up.  It has been a wonderful week here at the coast.  I am enrolled in the Lincoln County Master Gardeners Program through Oregon State University.  It’s 10 weeks, all day Tuesdays.  Very intense and so interesting.  I have learned tons, and the folks there are just incredible.  There are 30 students and a lot of veterans each week as well as all the knowledgable speakers they have lined up for us.

My weeks just don’t have the free time built into them any more, which is fine, it’s temporary.  I  have also just recently joined the Seal Rock Garden Club.  This little club really has just a ton of activities and programs.  Between the two garden related areas, my brain is getting very full.

Last week through the Master Gardeners Program we went on a field trip to an apple orchard up the Alsea river 15 miles. Loyd was our host as it is his orchard.  Such a kind gentleman and his wife is a sweeti.  Loyd shared all about how he grafts apples of all sorts and how to prune and care for fruit trees.  It was just a delight.  And the bonus was they had big, fluffy, black and white chickens running loose. It was a wonderful day and I learned a ton.

This week for the studio tour I wanted to share the top space a bit.  Over the last couple of months we have been working, with the help of friend Steve from Washington, to finish the insulation in the ceiling.  The job is complete! We had studio folks on Thursday and it was so nice and cozy in there.  I still need to do some rearranging up in the rafters, but all in all it is a very usable space.
This area faces the door to the breezeway.  Only one way in or out of the studio.  I have put old windows across the beams and store light weight items, such as baskets and dried flowers.  It keeps the ceiling “light” and airy feeling.
The photo below shows the reverse view looking from the door.  You can see the insulation.  We will keep it in it’s rough form and not cover it up with anything at this point.  It was enough to get it installed and saving heat.

I have hung many types of “twinkle” lights around the studio.  It really helps catch the light in the corners and make it cheerful and cozy.
I use the rafters to hang my hydranga blooms in the fall.

Across the front of the studio in the eves I have many large pictures displayed.  Also many bird nest’s and more baskets.  I use baskets to store and display all sorts of things.  I love baskets!.
So there we go with another tour of part of the studio, a delicious place to play. Bari

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