Sometimes, if we are really fortunate, we get to share our lives with critters.  My little buddy Spuds was my gift for 17 years.  I adopted him from a farm family in Flagstaff for son Jesse, who really wanted a kitten so badly.  Soon after he came to live with us, he decided I was his main, and consistent meal provider which made  us best friends from then on. Spuds has lived in so many places, Arizona, Alaska, Ohio, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon.  He was a traveler because he loved the people who were in his life.  He touched so many and will be missed by all.
He was usually in the middle of anything I was doing, from quilting to working on the computer.  He loved to sit on the back of  my computer chair and look over my shoulder to watch me type, responding to emails and checking the web.  Often times he would just be in the office with me asleep next to my chair. He truly was my companion.
 We have 3 other feline friends in our family.  Spuds will be missed by Lupin, our 2 year old kitten.  Spuds helped raise her and they were great buddies. Tiggins and Jaque’s life will be easier with Spud on his next adventure.  Our feline family dynamics will change a lot as Spud was always boss on every subject. He truly ruled the whole family.
Spud was a healthy and happy guy. Gale and I had returned home Friday evening and spent some time watching TV with spuds in our lap-completely content to be with us, sprawled belly up.  Spud was happy and healthy right up to an hour before his passing. The doc diagnosed a blood clot. He rests in our secret cat garden near the forsythia bushes, close to his good buddy Biskut.


This boy is going to be missed, but mostly remembered for all his wonderfulness.  Thanks for being just right Spud and for sharing your life with all of us.

Best wishes on your next adventure… love from your moms and all the lives you have touched in your long and wonderful life.

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