It has been a really long time since feeling like I had two spare minutes to blog.  For the past several months I have been involved in a Vacation Beach Rental remodel called Secondwind down south in Yachats.  It has been a wonderful experience working with all the folks it took to get the job completed.  I am now the property manager for the place and if you are interested you can view it at

The remodel included new skylights in the kitchen, new bamboo flooring in kitchen and sitting room, new carpet in the bedrooms. We took down cedar shingles on th walls in the kitchen and laundry room and  textured and painted the walls through out the living areas.  It was a big job done my many friends, family and  contractors. But it was 10-12 hour days for a lot of weeks. The place turned out finer than any of our expectations, sort of took on a new life of it’s own.  A wonderful place to come stay at the beach with a group of friends or family.

We are now getting back to normal life and dealing with the yard that has gone wild in the neglect of it all.  Over the past few years we have made it as much low maintenance as possible and I have to say it is working.  The areas that used to have weeds now have layers of newspaper, ground cloth and gravel and the weeds are few and easy to pull.  The raised beds and the island need some major attention, but the raspberries and strawberries are doing well even without the Oregon rain or hand watering. Must be due to our constant Marine layer. It was nice to spend a day playing in the yard yesterday and that same plan for today.

Son, Aaron is on to a project that has his enthusiasm running high.  It is always so fun to talk to him because he is always “doing really well”.  He loves what he does and loves the process of making it work.  If you or someone you know is thinking of buying a home, he has very valuable information on his site dealing with the journey of home ownership.  His site even has me thinking about Gilbert, Arizona for a great place to live.  Go check it out and pass it along to those who might benefit from the information

Oldest son Nath and Claire had their second son in June.  Now their little family has Isaiah Winter who is just over two and Caleb Flynn.  He is just a little itty bitty folk right now.  Looks pretty breakable, but so cute.  Thank goodness for mobile uploads and Face Book so gramma’s  can keep updated with the little ones.

I have a Sunday morning date with the beach now, so must close this blog.  More fun stuff to come now that I have my life back, and Oh what a wonderful life it is.  I love my life! Grins, Bari

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