It is truly no wonder I have a hard time getting taxes done.  With all the extra help and fun antics of the four furries we live with.

This big boy “Tiggins” takes up my whole working space when he decides “scrubbings” are in order.

And just look how hard it would be to ignore the cutness going on in this mail bag–“lupin” you are a goof!

I must persevere, my accountant has said she will break my knees if I delay. But wait just two more photos of the other “kits”
This would be our Jaq cat who just got her hairs cut.  She is older and long haired, so twice a year we get her shaved to help with her grooming processes. She really looks like an Alpaca baby and loves her new “do”.

This is our newest “kit” on the block,, Sayge.  She spends a lot of time in the deluxe cat tree we built.  She is really too cute for words and I find myself many times in a day reaching for the camera.  Very photogenic.
OK,, taxes here I come–Oh no,, Tiggins is asleep in the middle of my desk again, but I did just manage to get my calculator out from under his rather large and furry belly.  Oh My. The trials of a work at home, entrepreneur.
I do need to mention that we are currently experiencing a huge wind/rain storm with stuff coming down sideways in all directions. WOW
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