A few years back, Gale and I pulled up the large round gutter pipe that was buried in our back yard.  We wanted the rain water from the gutters to filter through a “rain garden” instead of just quickly going through the pipe and ending up in a puddle at the back of the yard.
It’s a little hard to see if this idea works as I must go out in a downpour to investigate it’s flow.  Well, today I put on the rain slicker and took some photos and it turns out it works very well.
The photo below is where the gutter drain from all our buildings (house, breezeway, studio, tool/garden shed) exits.  The deluge had just stopped as I ran for the camera,, but there is still water to show how it worked.


The rain water then goes to the back of the RV pad and into an underground pipe for 5-7 feet.  This is where the moles have decided to do some reconstruction to the Rain Garden–very frustrating for us.
The water then pops out next to the island and continues down the “dry river bed”.
Next is where it goes into another “tube” and goes to the back of the property to drain.
The river bed has tumbled glass, sea glass and agates as accents to the “look”.  I am sure the moles appreciate the aesthetics of the total look ;-)))
In June the OSU folks are offering a Rain Garden seminar and I will be attending to glean any new wonderful bits of information–especially how to circumvent the mole activity!
BTW–the glass structures seen in these last two photos are of some yard art we created from some failed sun room windows given to us.  There are 4 windows in the yard, similarly created.  Makes a nice view.
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