It has been a gorgeous few weeks at the Central Oregon Coast-Seal Rock. We have been busy doing 2 years worth of cleanup and rearranging of garden spaces.  Last year went to studies for the Master Gardener Program and now I can put to use all that knowledge and great resource information.

We have 4 raised beds-2 for daffies/dahlias and two that started out being “baby starter” beds several years ago.  The beds are wood planks  from the Ona Beach Bridge that were being thrown away.  Most of this yard is scavenged re-purposed  materials.


This is the before “redo”.  Somehow beach plants had gotten into the bed and choked out the Smoke bush, Dogwood and all the asters and other butterfly attractors.

Here is the bed after we pulled everything out, amended the soil and put most of the good stuff back in.  It is a very happy bed.

This is a photo of the other bed after we replanted.  I happen to know there is a snake that lives under the driftwood just to the right a bit ;-))  The bed has a beautiful Clematis on the left side end, a Hydrangea, 3 Fuchsia bushes and other sweet little butterfly attractors.  On the right side end we have another Clematis and two small passion flower vines that are sort of limping along–soon to move to a more wonderful spot in the yard.  The front of this bed has succulents and lilies.  Lots of shells, tumbled rocks, agates and fossils adorn the spaces.  Happy gardening.  More to come.

This was a major task and it feels so good to have it done, so we can enjoy our efforts all year.  Bark chips will keep those weeds to a minimum for sure.

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