I have wanted to install a large nest in a shore pine that we cut most of the way down.  Only leaving enough trunk and limbs for the nest to sit on the tops of the cut branches.  I started gathering Kiwi vines, curly willow limbs and “harry” branches last year and wound them around this planter–24″ across.  I let them dry last fall until now giving the “nest” the shape I wanted.

I purchased some small weave wire to build a “housing” for the nest.  We get 90 mile an hour winds around here and felt the need to be able to stabilize the nesting material to something less likely to blow away. So I am constructing a wire “nest” for the natural materials to sit in.  

This is the freshly cut “harry” (contorted hazelnut) and curly willow branches.

Here is a photo of the finished nest-but not installed.  Last year I took clay classes from a teacher in Philomath, Oregon with the idea of learning how to build sculpural pieces.  These ravens,, who look more like Heckel and Jeckel, were my artistic outcome.  They make me smile ,, so they will do for this project.  Will post more photos when we get the nest installed in the tree–hopefully today.

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