December 19, 2011-little bair’s birthday ;-)) so happy she was born.
Can hardly open the Microwave these days.
can you tell me what it is about cookbooks and recipes that make us gather such
a huge stash of books and papers.  We do
try many new recipes on a fairly regular basis,, but not to the extent of our
collecting abilities—there is not enough time in this life to try all the
recipes collected.  So today starts the
task of reducing cookbooks.  I know we
still have some time to try stuff out and we will,, but the feeling of cleaning
out a cupboard that is stuffed to the gills is feeling pretty exciting and
empowering.  I do have to say, my sweet
mama also had this trait.  After she went
on to her next adventure a few years back,,, I was the one who brought all her
recipes, cook books and food magazine cuttings here to sort through.  I do believe it is going to be boxed up for a
trip to the California
“Cotten’s”  But treasures,, every
one.  It all probably is based on trying
something new, whether a recipe or a new place to live—gives us a little
something to look forward to.
This cupboard gets used a lot–beverages on the top, catnip on the side (not  to be confused with other similar looking stuff)  And lots of favorite cookbooks and recipes.


Another cupboard of recipes/cookbooks not cracked in 3 years–time to go–Do  Ya  Think??
always like seeing before and after photos of purging activities,, I will try
to document the process.  Here are the
before the sorting cook book and recipes begins pics ..
Ellen gave me an Ah Ha moment when she took a photo on her I-Phone, of a recipe
she liked while we were cooking in the cabin at Belknap Hotspings over
Thanksgiving Weekend.  ;-)))
here is one we tried last night,, low carb,, very yummy from a cookbook called
500 Low-Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender.
Great Cookbook,, but not totally sure it will make the cut to go to Maui—time will tell.
We used turkey burger and part pork sausage,, topped with pinapple tidbits and olives–Yum–will freeze well also
profound treat from Abraham ;-))) Amazing how “right on” these daily bits are
for our journey.

We are really advocates of just getting as happy as you can be—which takes
care of everything. Even if you don’t have reason to be happy—make it up.
Fantasize it. Make a decision that you’re going to be happy one way or
another—no matter what. “No matter what, I’m going to be happy! If I have
to ignore everybody; if I have to never watch television again; if I have to
never pick up a newspaper again, I’m going to be happy. If I never have to see
that person’s face again, I’m going to be happy. If I have to see that person’s
face, I’m going to find something to see in that person’s face that makes me
happy. I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be
— Abraham

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