Tuesday December 27, 2011
Wine is Sunlight held together by water,,, Galileo–such a wise folk.. 

Highway 101 Gallery entrance

Front Entrance to the Wine Place, Prime location right on the famous Highway 101

I do the “landscaping and garden/deck fluffing–notice the Wine Bottles-Great recycling–known as planting the wine bottles to produce offspring–to be purchased inside the wonderful Wine Place ;-)))

Speaking of which,, on Friday I get to go visit my dear, sweet, delicious friend, Carrie @ the Wine Place in Yachats where I play/fluff the garden/do landscaping/create art sometimes and have my art to sell @ the Gallery at the Wine Place,,,,,

Just a little corner of my stuff that I play with to see if anyone wants to pay $$ to haul it home–turns out,,, a lot of folks do ;-)))  Notice the mosaic “bowling ball” weighs a ton!!  the magnets are a very hot seller–those $$ add up–all goes into the “Move to Maui” fund 

and drink wine and have yummy snacks that sometimes I bring to share and sometimes Carrie brings to share and sometimes we let Lew (sorry Lew if I misspelled your name,, just because I know it,,, doesn’t mean you told me how to spell it)) he will do the cooking over at 
The 4th Street
Café is now open! 
It is located at 238 W 4th Street, just two
doors away from The Wine Place’s parking lot – next to the Lion’s
Club Thrift Store. 
 Café open times are:  Thursday through Monday, 7:30 AM –
3:30 pm or longer. 

The menu changes daily and includes breakfast, lunch, sandwiches,
soup, pasta, baked goods and more.  There are New York style bagels, made by a real New
Yorker, owner Lou Caputo.  Darlene
is baking up a storm and making soups, wearing her beret and springy shoes. 
Katie is the smiling face at the front counter, ready to take your order.  Everything
is homemade, and vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.  You can
dine in or take-out.  Planning ahead for a special event?  Special orders are
Street Café phone number is 541-547-4494. 
YES, you are welcome to bring take-out food to The Wine
Place so you can enjoy some good wine with your food.  (Please bring me a treat!) –Carrie knows how to get her needs met by both friends and customers,,, we love her to pieces ;-)))
This is my favorite hang out–great positive energy and Carrie has a magic princess wand that she can wave over your head and make sure your day if perfect–has worked for me on numerous occasions.
And sooooooo——
I get another daily message from the Universe,, this is great–pay attention–so simple.
Give thanks, bari, whenever you want more.

Of anything,
    The Universe

Life really is about the fun–those are our best memories ;-)))
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