Wow,, almost a year since last post,, my point exactly–this will now be a journal about a journey, a new adventure and how we go about the process to make it happen,, First—wish it up–Maui,, here we come.

I have often wondered what the process is for folks who decide on a huge life change and move to a remote location… I hope to shed light on that process during our journey to Maui.

Maui, 60th bithday,, whale watching trip.

And whales there were–mamas and babies and studly studs (whales) to lure the ladies.  Such an adventure.

December 16, 2011
start a new adventure and enjoy, to note the journey.
2004 I moved from Swarthmore Philadelphia to Seal Rock, Oregon. 
This was after much plotting and planning.. wanting to live by the ocean
and near an artist’s community.  It is
here where I met my life partner and best friend.  Several years have gone by with many wonderful
adventures and experiences and lovely life long friends. 
moved here believing this would be my last move.  Having always moved from one part of the
country to another every few years, the thought of a permanent place to call
home attracted me.  Now I believe that it
also trapped me.  I am an adventurer in
places, people and things and will always be. 
have now lived 60 wonderful years and totally looking forward to at least
another 40 more.  Believing there is so
much in this world I would like to know about and experience,,, so begins the
next journey.  My wish is to document
this journey,, hopefully with bits of writing on hopefully a daily basis. 
the last couple of years I have found myself with a low energy-non enthusiastic
condition coming on every 6-8 weeks or so and lasting between 2 and 4 weeks,,
such a waste of time.  I am knowing this
passes and I get back into my wonderful life with all its color and friends and
nature.  I do believe that perhaps this
condition may be due to the stagnant place my life has brought me to.  Don’t get me wrong,, I have a wonderful life
with an incredible life partner,, 3 furries, an art studio that is totally
inspiring and welcoming, a yard that just keeps giving and in a place on the Central Oregon Coast
to rival any other place on the planet. 
Not a reason in the world to feel unfulfilled or sad.. Next step was
last year to go to the doc for depression meds, thinking this ole body isn’t
producing all it needs to of the “happy juice” its used to.  Been working with the meds for about a year
and a half and just recently changed prescriptions with the hope of happy
coming back with all the energy I have become accustomed to.  Doc said it would take a couple of weeks to
kick in and perhaps he’s right or perhaps it’s due to the new vision of a new
adventure for my girl and I. Only time will tell,, thus the need to write a bit
and keep a “journal” so to speak of the journey. 
am a follower of “Abraham” and today’s message in my email was:

You’re never satisfied. That’s what life is, it’s just this ongoing, never
ending vacation adventure, you see. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it
done—and we recommend that you have as much fun as you can along the way.
— Abraham

And this morning
I started journaling again and this is what I had to say. 
Just a note to
start—been struggling with low energy-meds-finding zest for life for the last
two years.  I feel like I’ve found the
“kicker”.  Wouldn’t’ it be wonderful to
live in Maui, Hawaii.??? We have talked about
it and actually had it as a long term “sort of” goal.  But it has felt overwhelming and un
attainable due to the amount of material possessions that reside at our current
location, (just look back on previous blogs dealing with the studio to see my point) between the business-QuilTak, our garden and the studio there is a
lot of stuff that must go away before accomplishing a move.  Most importantly I must become un attached to
said possessions before they can leave. 
I am looking at it a different way after many months of low energy,,
more like a shell on a turtles back that he/she must haul around in order to have
a home.. this is not us.. we can live simply with simple life styles and
desires.  Do our exploring and our art
and our business—whatever that ends up being. 
Life is supposed to be fun,,,as it turns out ;-)))
So with in 3
years we believe we can move to maui with debts mostly paid off,, simple needs
and not many earthly goods to haul with us.. the plan is for each day to do a
little something or maybe something big towards the end of moving and living in
maui.  We can do this and it really feels
so right.  

12/15/2011-tossed out 1/2 a recycle garbage can worth of magazines ;-)))
12/16/2011-made a plan to be debt free in under 3 years–
new mantra–are we taking this to Maui????

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