Last night the artists at The Wine Place in Yachats gathered for good food and visiting.. This was my contribution to the event.. I love Valentines Day.. It is just such a good day all around..  I learned last year @ age 60 that strawberries could be cut in such a way as to produce a heart shape,, now I cut all my strawberries that way all year long ;-)))


Brown Sugar Sour Cream Sauce

(for fresh berries)
serves 4-8
1 cup Sour Cream–or half sour cream and half plain yogurt
1/2 cup Brown Sugar–or raw sugar
1 tsp Vanilla–or almond flavoring or?????
Mix together –best if chilled for a few hours,,,,and serve.


Yes it has been a while since last posting,, however taxes, new mac laptop (hono) and the learning curve at age,, almost 61,, has gotten the better of me,, but I have persevered and figured some stuff out,, at least how to get the old computer to recognize all my photos on the i-phone.. going to class in Portland tomorrow to learn about i-cloud and picture moving.  It’s quite a treat all this technology,, so glad to be part of the wave.  Grins for your Heart Day

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