The Oregon Coast

It’s been awhile ;-)) (don’t even go look for the date of the last posting)  what can I say,?? life happens and we do the best we can do with the adjustments we can make.  But lots of fun stuff is happening for QuilTak at the start of this new year.  And it’s worth mentioning.  QuilTak is 23 years old!!! and we are getting a fresh look on our new packaging for our product line!  We have enlisted a graphic designer, Janessa at JB Design, in Eugene, Oregon,who does Photography and Graphics.  We are going for Purple ink on our card stock and a nice clean look on our design.

We are also getting a new website design from our long time Webmaster, Gray’s Web Design.  One that will be mobile friendly and have a blog included. So hopefully this blog will make a smooth transition to that site.  And room for some You-Tube video’s.  We will also put our toe in the water for email marketing.  But… we will only be sending relevant info for how to use the QuilTak tool and other fun tips,,, mostly from my book- Bari’s Book of Quilt Basting and Batting Basics. No spam coming from us ;-))  It’s quite the learning curve, I have to say,, and it seems like it all is happening at once.  Staying up with the times and all.  Coming up on 65 next month, all I have to say is it’s either going to keep me sharp or kill me.  Hoping for the first option.

We did have a fun get together a while back in the studio.  Lots of great stuff was created.  Here are a few pics just for grins.  Sammi Cutler/Sister, Bari Williams/Niece, Ellen Anderson/True Blue long time friend and myself.  Tons of fun was had by all.

Doesn’t this make you just want to go create ;-)) That’s what it does to me.  Heading to the studio now. grins. bari


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