So,,, I am not truly consistent about backing up my data on my computers and various devices on a regular schedule.  However I am really good about backing up to my mobile hard drive before I update my computers.  But, what I realize is that I am taking for granted the fact that the back up will work if I have an issue like I did yesterday when my main computer that I run two businesses off of, Crashed while upgrading to El Capitan.

YIKES!!  So I am here to tell you that those back ups do work and it’s always especially lovely when you have a tech savvy web support folk on the phone to hold your hand while your computer is trying to figure itself out.  All is well–disaster was averted and I will encourage each of you to back up your data.  I was most worried about all our of photos.  Talk about heart failure.  I am investigating more ways to protect those precious memories.

Molokai, Hawaii

Today I am going to ClayWorks in Toledo to play with clay.  A nice alternate activity to working on the Computer ;-)) After yesterday’s stress I am looking forward to the change of venue.  grins,, bari

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