I am reposting this.  The original post was February 17, 2009.  These pillow cases make the best presents!! Always a hit with any age sweet dreamer.

This is a very fun way to construct a pillow case. It will be a 2 part blog. I am going to use photos mostly for the visual. The directions I have on printed paper are good, but can be confusing without the visual.

You start with 27 inches of fabric that is 42-45 inches wide for the main body of the pillow case. Make sure each end has been “squared” up. Cut a piece of complimenting fabric for the band, 9″ by 45″ and iron in half lengthwise. Your accent strip is cut 2″ by 45″ and is also ironed in half lengthwise.

This is the tricky part to understand and visualize, but let’s give it a go.
1.)Lay the body of the case, pretty side up.
2.)Lay the accent strip on top of the body of the case, raw edges even, along upper edge of the band.
3.)Lay the constrast band, right side down, along the edge of the body and accent strip.
4.)Roll the main body of the pillowcase up until it’s in the under the contrast band.

5.)Pull the bottom edge of the contrast band under the rolled body, and lay it along the edge with the all other pieces, raw edges even. You will have 5 raw edges to pin when aligned correctly.

It will look like a tube with the accent strip and body of the case inside and the contrast strip enclosing all of it.

Pin in place.

Sew along edge, then turn right side out through end of contrast band.

This is the tricky part to explain, so I am hoping these photos do the trick.

The second part of this demo will show how to finish the sides.

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