This blog was from 12/20/09.  We love hanging this spider each year and always love sharing the story about it around this season.  Enjoy.

Last year, as in many other years, our friend Jac created a wondrous item for the Christmas season. She is known for her attention to itsy witsy fine detail work.  Last year our gift was a Christmas Spider.  She is a wonderful creation.  Along with the spider came the story of how a part of our Christmas traditions might have started. Last year and this year when Gale and I read the story again, as we hung the spider with the other ornaments, it just brought a sweet sense of joy.  The first 2 photos are of the spider hanging in our boughs among the other ornaments.  Good place for a Christmas spider ;-)))

Thank you Jac for a wonderful gift and sweet Christmas tradition.  The itsy, witsy colorful star in this photo is also her creation. About the size of a quarter and 3-dimensional.

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