Studio Organization on the Central Oregon Coast,, happy Friday the 13th,, It’s a gorgeous day here at the Central Oregon Coast.  Still pretty darn cold,, but clear and sunny and the moon has been huge over the ocean setting on the horizon each morning.

I posted some pics last week giving you an idea of DreamTyme Studio’s current disarray .  By committing to this blog each week, it has encouraged me to want to do something major in there each week to organize and get it ready to play in.  Check into last weeks blog for before pics.

The xmas buckets before being put in the eves. 





Here is a picture of where we put all the xmas buckets.  The space works well as they are out of the way until needed.

I have numbered the sides and tops and have a corresponding paper that tells me what is in which bucket.  Really helps for the next year. I put this list in the same safe spot each year ;-))

And here are a couple of “after” pics,, those are always my favorite ;-))

We still have all the plants in there until tomorrow,, when hopefully the temperatures will rise and not drop again until next year.  These plants will be fluffed and put back in the enclosed Breezeway where they should go dormant until spring.

This little spot holds a lot of the mosaic bling bits in jars.  However this really fun dresser holds individual planned projects.  Some of the drawers are even empty–oh my ;-))

Anyway you see it,, this is a fun spot to play.  Friend Dorian is hoping to come play with clay this weekend.  A couple of years back we sold the kiln and all of the huge amount of stuff that clay creating takes, and that gave us a lot of needed room in the studio.  However Dorian just lives down the way and she has a kiln that I can put my bits into for firing.  Also a wonderful slap roller,, since most of what I play with are tiles ;-))) grins for your day,, bair

Check back next Friday.. who knows what part of the studio might get fluffed and ordered.


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