Long, long ago,, around January of 2009,  I started doing Friday blogs about dreamTyme sTudio.  It was pretty fun. The idea was to share ideas for studio organization and function.  And to inspire others to create a space for creativity.  It also helped me visit the studio and play out there on a regular basis.  Now, 8 years later, and reviewing some of those earlier blogs, I see that a lot has changed in the studio since then.  So I will share current views of the studio with links to the past blogs, when appropriate, showing the differences.  The studio goes through many changes each year depending on what our needs are.  It is such a versatile space,, we love it so.

With that being said,, it has been really cold here at the Central Oregon Coast.  We even had snow and ice with temperatures in low 20’s.  Yikes,, that really plays havoc with our more tropical plants and succulents who bloom most of the year.  So we had to haul a bunch of pots from the Sunroom and Breezeway into the studio where they wouldn’t melt from the cold. 

Also,, we just took down our xmas beam in the house.  Putting all our xmas decorations in buckets to be housed in the eves of the studio.  However it’s been so cold that we have not wanted to go out there to organize the buckets,, so here are some pics of before the mess was cleaned up and organized.

We are also planning a spring/summer epic yard sale to reduce and simplify our lives of material goods.  A lot of those goods are located in the studio, along with our pantry, paint and tools, camping and kayaking gear,, etc, etc.  So looks a bit jammed packed at the moment,, but I can and will do magic in there and you all will be amazed at the transformation.  ;-)))

The Studio also houses several buckets of Peruvian textiles that I am in charge of posting on the Sacred Pathways website.  The Studio is big time multi functional for sure.

grins for your day ;-))

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