I like having the option of changing out my bedskirt to fabric that I have found that is better quality and nicer design than what can be purchased ready made.  Here are the steps to creating a new look for your bed.  I had lots of help and had to share in the post.

I like to double my bedskirt to give it more body.  I have found that 45″ fabric folded in half works great.  Usually I use 1.5-2 times by length for each side. I iron it in half and fold the ends and iron on fusible tape to hold the ends closed.

This is the old store bought bedskirt.  and some help ;-))

On this store bought bedskirt I secured the edges here and there with QuilTak Taks so the skirt didn’t move around a lot.

I used our TakSnips to remove the old QuilTaks safely from the boxspring.

Lots of help removing the Taks.

Exploring ;-))

First secure your corner.

I am going to gather the skirt, although you can also make it straight or make folds.  I just insert a Tak all the way through the boxspring to attach the skirt to the bed.

A close up of gathering technique.

And more help.

Project complete.  In the past I have made a bedskirt with two different fabrics.  One on each side so that I can remove the bedskirt, wash it and install it with the other side showing for a completely different look.

Hope you found this demo helpful.  Bari

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