We have a very cool antique rocker that is not comfortable to sit in.  Just too hard.  I had some fabric on hand and I purchased a pillow form to fit the seat.  I measured the pillow’s length times 2 and added extra to fold inside the sleeve.


I sewed up the edges with my serger and folded the ends in.

I used these nifty little clips to hold the end closed –You will be able to purchase these soon from our website.  They are on order.

This is one method of closure.  Sort of hides the Tak.  I liked this next method better for this application.  I used the QuilTak needle like a safety pin.  Down and up and pull the trigger to release a Tak.

The Tak is all but invisible on the underside of the pillow.

Sweet!! A comfy chair and I can switch this fabric out seasonally by just cutting the Taks out and reusing the pillow form.  This method also makes is a snap to wash the pillow case.

Happy Creating ;-))  bari

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