We have cats,, as most quilting households do.  We love them so and spoil them rotten.  To the tune of a major part of our living room ceiling is taken up with a very large Manzanita Cat Tree.  I have been needing to replace the fabric that covers the little pillows in the cat beds up top.  I was procrastinating thinking it would take too much time,, then I remembered I have a QuilTak ;-))  So I took photos along the way to show how easy this project was once I figured out how to save time.

The first photo is of the icky old pillow and the new pillow sleeve that I serged up the sides leaving a couple inch flap.

The next two photos shows the fun, thick, soft upholstery fabric I chose for the project.

I inserted the old pillow into the sleeve and QuilTaked the end shut.  So now when I want to wash the pillow and case I can use TakSnips to cut the Taks out and wash both items.

Yeah,,, Project complete!!  I made pillow cases for the two pillows in the beds.  Here is our tree.  We made two beds out of a concrete column form cut down the middle. Painted them and put duck tape around the edges.  The fur kids love it.  They are sort of “hugged” up there and cozy. Grins for your day,, bair

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