So,, I have been busily quilting some little quilts and trying out new tools,, as I am the original “tool Gal”.  Always looking for an easier way to do something in the quilt studio or kitchen.  Here’s some I am interviewing and I quite like the results.  No one tool is perfect for every job is my motto.  Need variety ;-))  The right tool for every job!!

I really like these little pads.  They really help move the quilt layers along easily.  I like to use these pads when doing stitch in the ditch.  They have sort of a sponge surface on the underside.

Otherwise I would be having to remove my gloves often to reposition my quilt sandwich.  Comes in two sizes, but I have only used the smaller set.

I just used one of the smaller pads to help move my quilt along while sewing down the binding.  It worked better than anything I have tried.  Yeah!!  Tools that work.

We do not carry this product,, but have shown the photo for information for contact.  They are great!!!

Also.  I love these gloves.  Light weight and grab the fabric to move it around during free motion quilting.  We live at the Central Oregon Coast where availability & variety is limited.  Found these on Amazon.  Love Amazon!!!

This is a new possession ;-))  Haven’t had a chance to try these yet,, but will keep you posted.  I think they will be the “cat’s meow”  Just set them on your project for Free Motion Quilting and away you go ;-)))

A bit spendy,, but tools for saving time and frustration have no limits on price in my book. ;-))   Happy Quilting,, bari


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