The little quilt is finished and delivered, so now I can show photos for all of you who have been following the progress.  Madelyn, my granddaughter,  was born 2 years ago and on the day of her birth a quilt was started by the Traveling Rows quilt group.

We usually put something together every couple of years.  But how it works is that there are around 5-7 of us who choose a subject for our quilt and do the first row or group of blocks and design the parameters for the other members to follow for our blocks.  We also send along fabric and patterns for them to use in the creation of the blocks.  We get as long as 2 months to finish our set of blocks, then it gets passed on to the next one on the list with the original blocks included.  Most of us get our blocks done sooner and send them off.  This continues until all the folks have added their offerings to the quilt. At that point the quilt project is sent back to the originator and they get to see it after all of it’s travels and creations.  We then put the blocks/rows together and finish the quilt and post the photos of the quilt for the group to see.

This quilt was made by Maddi’s second cousin Bari Williams, her Aunt Linda and Aunt Sammi,  Ellen Anderson, Debra Hanson, Deb Odem and myself.  A journal was kept with the quilt bits for all of us to add our thoughts about the quilt and that was given to Maddi along with the finished quilt.

I did a bit of back art as there were lots of blocks to play with.  And actually there were enough blocks that there is another quilt almost finished that is very similar to this one. It is sandwiched and basted with QuilTak ready to quilt.  It was such a fun project and thanks so much to all of you who made it wonderful.

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