Save time and money using QuilTak basting gun to renew your “old faded” outdoor cushions. Use them as the base for a new fresh looking addition to your outdoor furniture. I have noticed a steep price increase in purchasing outdoor furniture cushions.  By using the old cushions as a base, you don’t even have to remove the old faded covers and you will save time and money using QuilTak to secure the ends of the “pillow cases”.

I usually make a pillow case to slide the old cushion into.  Using my serger works great, but a regular sewing machine is fine also.      I covered the striped cushions two years ago and they have held up well,, just faded.  I made them two sided with different fabrics.  The fur kids gets the stripes (which they get dirty) and we get the clean side with the birds-not shown. I would suggest using heavy outdoor fabric.


After inserting your old cushions into the new “Pillow case”, fold the ends in about 2 inches and use the QuilTak tool to close the opening.

Insert the QuilTak needle into both the new fabric layer and also into the cushion, pull the trigger and release a Tak to secure the opening.  Continue along the opening. At the end of the season or when the cushions get soiled, just cut out the QuilTak Taks and wash the “Pillow case”.  I hope this gives you some new ideas for using the QuilTak tool.


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