Choose QuilTak Quilt Basting Tools

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

  • Quilts made using our quilt basting systemQuilTak™ has supportive customer service.
  • The QuilTak™ needle has a built-in blade to eliminate Tak™ cut-off problems.
  • The Taks™ are in a patented, connected design which eliminates tangling.
  • The QuilTak™ tool has very few moving parts, and only requires a light squeeze on the handle for easy use.
  • The QuilTak™ tool has been tested for reliability beyond 2.2 million cycles and Weight reducing features make the  QuilTak™  tool 25% lighter than other basting tools (3 oz.).
  • The QuilTak™ slim needle profile and special finish significantly reduces the risk of holes and snags in fabric.
  • The Taks™ are the shortest on the market (keeps the layers of the quilt secure), the finest on the market (leaving less of a mark on the fabric) and of the finest quality (you can depend on QuilTak™).
  • U.S. design and support assure QuilTer satisfaction. QuilTak™ is not the only quilt basting tool on the market. But if you want quality and durability, buy the original Quilt Basting products by QuilTak™.


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