Mega Tak Pak – use with the QuilTak Quilt Basting Gun


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The QuilTak Mega Tak Pak contains 10,000 Taks, enough QuilTak Taks to keep basting up all those unfinished quilt tops for weeks!  We recommend basting 4 -6 inches apart.  These Taks are designed to work with the QuilTak Quilt Basting Gun. When choosing your color options: clear shows up better on darker fabrics and black and rainbow colors show up better on lighter fabrics. This is useful when removing the Taks from the finished project.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz

1/2 Black/Clear Taks, 1/2 Rainbow/Black Taks, 1/2 Rainbow/Clear Taks, 55.75, Black Taks, Clear Taks, Rainbow Taks

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